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Older events - things that happened earlier in the project

Stuff "gets moved here" from the news page, so some of the links on this page are more likely than others not to work anymore. I still think this page may be of value and I just want you to be aware of this fact. Use the search field to find working pages with similar info.

Aiming for release 11 October 2006
FTP third party transfer support is now removed. We're working on testing and fixing bugs now in order to get a public release done "soon". Feel free to join in and test a recent daily snapshot to help us make a really fine upcoming release.

There's been quite extensive internal changes since the previous release.

Removing support for FTP third party transfers? 17 September 2006
If you feel the support for FTP third party transfers should remain in libcurl, you better speak up before the end of the month or it will go...
Mailing list digest mode currently broken 15 September 2006
If you're subscribed to any mailing list at using Digest mode, you don't get any mails at the moment. Hopefully we'll have this fixed soon.
curl and libcurl 7.15.5 7 August 2006
The latest changes provided by the curl team have resulted in curl and libcurl 7.15.5. Check out what changes it contains.


curl and libcurl 7.15.4 12 June 2006
Summer has finally arrived in Sweden, and to celebrate this joyful time we give you curl and libcurl 7.15.4. Check out what changes it contains.


IRC With Us 19 April 2006
A couple of (lib)curl users and developers are frequently hanging out in the #curl channel on the IRC network. You're welcome to stop by!
NTLM updates and EBCDIC support 7 April 2006
Two rather noticable changes that were committed to the CVS repository this week are the NTLM updates and EBCDIC support for FTP (and IBM TPF system). We will appreciate your tests and reports to the mailing list(s)!
curl and libcurl 7.15.3 20 March 2006
On curl's 8th birthday, we bring you a fresh new release!

7.15.3 is here. Check out what changes it contains!

curl and libcurl 7.15.2 27 February 2006
7.15.2 is here. Check out what changes it contains!
pick a fine mirror 13 January 2006
There's a new service added. Pick any URL and replace 'curl' with 'curlm' in the URL. When visiting that URL, you'll get bounced to a suitable mirror near you... has a list of verified up-to-date mirrors only.

Please post your comments and feedback about this on the curl-users mailing list. The plan is to remove the list of mirror-links from the top of all pages and offer a link to this service only.

Hiper phase 1 complete! 9 December 2005
Read about the hiper development which now has completed the phase 1 and moves on to phase 2: *socket() API implemetation. Stay tuned and discuss this on the libcurl mailing list.
curl and libcurl 7.15.1 with security fix 7 December 2005
7.15.1 is here. Check out what changes it contains.

Previous versions contain a security flaw that this release addresses.

Hiper - High Performance libcurl 3 November 2005
Project Hiper is the brand new sub-project which has started as a direct result from the IIS funding.

The goal is to improve libcurl to perform better for a large amount of transfers.

libcurl Funding from the Swedish IIS Foundation 25 October 2005
The Swedish foundation II-Stiftelsen (IIS), the "Internet infrastructure foundation", has the administration of the toplevel domain .se as one of its main tasks.

IIS has approved to fund Daniel with 150000 SEK (~19000 USD) for libcurl development.

Read more

curl and libcurl 7.15.0 13 October 2005
7.15.0 is here. Check out what changes it contains.

Previous versions contain a security flaw that this release addresses.

One Hundred Thousand Unique Visitors 3 October 2005
September 2005 was the first month we had more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) unique visitors on the curl web site.

curl packages were downloaded more than 20,000 times from the site only during the month.

Over the last year, we have gained approximately 50% more visitors on the web site.

Thanks to all you who make this possible: people writing stuff that show up on the site, people who help me admin the site, people hosting site mirrors, companies buying ads and people referring to our site from all over.

Mailing Lists Data Loss 22 September 2005
Added a separate page to explain the recent mailing list data loss we experienced.
Mailing Lists Restoration Work 19 September 2005
We didn't have a backup of the subscribers list of the mailing lists. Efforts have been made and some addresses have been restored and brought back, but many have been lost. If you want to subscribe to the lists, you should verify that you are still subscribed!

Sorry for this inconveniance.

Mailing Lists Wiped Out 17 September 2005
A "friendly" person deleted huge parts of today, which among other things hosts and runs our mailing lists. Currently all subscribers and all list info etc are gone.

We should be able to restore some of it from backups. Stay tuned. Please allow a few days before all things are back to normal.

It was done by using a security hole in twiki - used for another project on the same server. Aren't the world full of friendly souls? The IP originated from a country/region that makes it no point in persuing this legal wise.

curl and libcurl 7.14.1 1 September 2005
It took slightly longer than planned, but now 7.14.1 is here. Check out what changes it contains.
Distro Dilemma 1 September 2005
There's now a separate Distro Dilemma document that summarizes the background, the problem and the suggested road ahead.
OpenSSL or GnuTLS in Debian libcurl 25 August 2005
A debian-devel thread about using OpenSSL or GnuTLS for Debian's libcurl triggered Daniel's response, which was followed by more debian talks about it and Daniel's second follow-up.
Stricter Posting Requirements 13 July 2005
As posted to the lists, all curl-related mailing lists now require that you are subscribed before letting any mails through from you.
daily windows libcurl builds 12 July 2005
Over on the daily snapshots page, there is now going to appear a windows libcurl build every day built straight from CVS. It is built with mingw's -mms-bitfields and should therefore be possible to use both with mingw and MSVC. Report your problems or success stories to the libcurl list!
new Lua binding 28 June 2005
Alexander Marinov brought the new and shiny LuaCURL binding.
curlpp mailing list 24 May 2005
Starting now, we list the curlpp mailing list on the mailing list page and we host a web archive of the list. The curlpp mailing list is for discussions of curlpp, the C++ binding to libcurl.
curl and libcurl 7.14.0 16 May 2005
7.14.0 is here. Check out what changes it contains.
7.14.0 pre-release 2 11 May 2005
Try the 7.14.0 pre-release 2 - now with changed default HTTP request headers. in-progress RELEASE-NOTES
7.14.0 pre-release 1 9 May 2005
Feel brave? Try the 7.14.0 pre-release 1. The actual release is due out later this week, if things go right.
Simplify Network Programming with libCURL 9 May 2005
Go read Ethan McCallum's educating article Simplify Network Programming with libCURL
curl and libcurl 7.13.2 5 April 2005
Go download 7.13.2 and read up about the latest changes.
curl-tracker is a new mailing list! 14 March 2005
curl-tracker is a new mailing list that'll receive mails from the sourceforge trackers. All new submissions and changes to existing entries will also be mailed there.
Daily Windows Builds 14 March 2005
Since a couple of days, we provide daily windows builds for you bleeding edge people. You find them on the daily snapshots page.

They have all the latest features and bugs.

curl security 8 March 2005
Added a security page to the site, listing our security contact address and security advisories of the past.
curl and libcurl 7.13.1 4 March 2005
download the latest changes.
libcurl NTLM Buffer Overflow 22 February 2005
As was posted to bugtraq, all versions of curl that supports NTLM has this flaw. The fix. It requires a malicious server to send an unexpectedly long NTLM response header to trigger. (No, we were not contacted nor notified about this problem before they went public.)

I'll be away for a week now but I'll put together a new release when I get back.


curl and libcurl 7.13.0 1 February 2005
You know the drill: download and read changelog.
curl and libcurl 7.12.3 20 December 2004
download and read changelog.
Server Downtime 9 November 2004
The server hosting the curl-related mailing lists, the CVS repository and a few other minor services will be taken down for maintenance, roughly between 17:00 and 21:00 CET.
curl and libcurl 7.12.2 18 October 2004
download and read changelog.
Download Wizard 4 October 2004
The curl Download Wizard helps you find and pick the correct file to download!
curl and libcurl 7.12.1 10 August 2004
download and read changelog. Enjoy.
Get CA certs from Mozilla 9 August 2004
Learn how to extract CA certs from Mozilla to use with (lib)curl.
Summer Slowdown 2 July 2004
During the rest of July and the beginning of August, Daniel is on vacation and things might run a bit slower than usual in the project.
200 test cases 15 June 2004
Today, the official test case count reached 200!
curl and libcurl 7.12.0 2 June 2004
Another release! Go download and read about the changes.
New Mailing List for Pycurl hackers! 2 June 2004
Just go here.
Moved CVS 14 May 2004
The curl CVS repository moved to another host (again).
international domain names support 29 April 2004
We're currently implementing "IDNA" support to libcurl to allow it to function with international domain names. We appreciate if you download a daily snapshot, try it out and report your mileage!
curl and libcurl 7.11.2 26 April 2004
We are happy to announce curl 7.11.2! Read about all the changes.
curl all over 21 April 2004

Recently added mirrors:

curl and libcurl 7.11.1 19 March 2004
The curl project is happy to announce curl 7.11.1! Read about all the changes.
7.11.1 pre-release 1 8 March 2004
Try out the 7.11.1 pre-release 1, and read the upcoming RELEASE-NOTES.
All Planned Issues for Next Release Fixed! 5 March 2004
Here's what the planned RELEASE-NOTES looks like. Do you know anything in particular we should address before the next release?
Any Feedback on the Issue 12 Patch? 2 March 2004
If you've suffered from the issue 12 bug, please try the patch and report!.
Many Automated Tests! 20 February 2004
There is now a large number of different platforms for the automated tests...
the Mailing Lists Move! 5 February 2004

All curl mailing lists will be moved away from sourceforge. No user will be moved automatically, you need to subscribe yourself on the new list-server.

There will be a period during which we will have to live with the lists being hosted on two different places, to allow everyone to catch up with the news. During this period there will be duplicates of each list. Please join the new lists as soon as possible. If possible, also unsubscribe from the old one(s), as it provides a visible feedback for me on how the transition is going.

Subscribe to the new mailing lists here:

curl and libcurl 7.11.0 22 January 2004
The curl project is happy to announce curl 7.11.0! Read about all the changes.
7.11.0 pre-release 1 12 January 2004
We're approaching release time for the upcoming curl 7.11.0, and in good old fashion we offer a pre-release of it.
Setting Down the Foot 7 January 2004
We have but a few final changes left to make before we can put together the upcoming 7.11.0 release: TODO-RELEASE. We have use for your help!
FTPS support 27 November 2003
We now have initial working FTPS support in libcurl. Try a CVS or daily build version!
FTPS server help? 17 November 2003
If you have a somewhat standard-compliant FTPS-server and feel like helping out the project, we could use your help!
7.10.8 1 November 2003
curl and libcurl 7.10.8 has been released!
daily curl packages! 31 October 2003
Over at, there's now new curl packages put there every day. The packages are based on the latest CVS version at the time.
The cURL Programming Competition! 21 October 2003
Announced today: win 300 US$ by writing a cool curl program. Not only can you win yourself some pocket money, you'll be doing the project a favour!
7.10.8 pre-release 4 18 October 2003
The 7.10.8-pre4 release is available on the beta page. This might be the last pre-release before the upcoming release.
Main Web Site Changes Host 24 September 2003
The main curl web site at, is changing host and IP. The move is not expected to be noticable, but if you do find something that looks weird, please get in touch.
7.10.8 pre-release 2 22 September 2003
The 7.10.8-pre2 release is available on the beta page.
7.10.8 pre-release 1 8 September 2003
The 7.10.8-pre1 release is now available on the beta page. You can also read about the changes.
curl 7.10.7 15 August 2003
curl seven-ten-seven is here for you, including these changes.
curl in Russia 14 August 2003
Alex Andrienko of hosts the new site. A full curl web site mirror in Russia.
pre3 8 August 2003
Since pre2 was a little "rough", I decided to upload another pre-release. Help yourself.
asynch pre-release 6 August 2003
The 7.10.7-pre2 release now available on the beta page, is the first package that can be built to do asynchronous name resolves.
FLAW! curl reveals proxy authentication! 3 August 2003
curl reveals proxy authentication when using SSL over a proxy. Fix the problem by applying the patch.
asynchronous name lookups in libcurl 30 July 2003
Daniel posted his asynch status report to the libcurl mailing list. Share your view. Commit is pending.
curl 7.10.6 is released 28 July 2003
curl 7.10.6 is now available for download on the download page. Read about the changes.
preparing for release 21 July 2003
The latest pre-release of 7.10.6 is now available for download on the beta page.
vacation time 6 July 2003
Daniel is on vacation, some things don't run at full speed in the project until he returns in a few weeks.
new home for curl CVS 26 June 2003
Thanks to the great people of, the curl and libcurl CVS repository has now been migrated off from sourceforge and it is up and working again.

Stay tuned for new details on how to proceed to checkout curl from the new repository. The old one is still around, but won't change

We celebrate this new era with some brand new web site stuff, such as the new logo, new colors and new left-side menu edits.

a libcurl cookie interface 18 June 2003
At times people have expressed a need for better cookie control in libcurl, so I posted a suggested interface to the libcurl list. Share your opinions aobut it.
NTLM works! 12 June 2003
Digest, Negotiate and NTLM are now *three* new HTTP authentication methods libcurl provides, all these still only in the CVS code...
Digest done - NTLM next! Help? 23 May 2003
Thanks to friendly helpers, the Digest implementation is now added to libcurl, and now we're taking on the NTLM challenge.

Help is appreiciated.

curl and libcurl 7.10.5 19 May 2003
Bugfixes and improvements gather in the curl 7.10.5 release.
Help Out with Digest? 18 May 2003
One way to help out the project is to answer Daniel's call for help with a Digest server.
7.10.5 pre-release 2 6 May 2003
7.10.5-pre2 is out for testing. See also the changelog.
WWW::Curl on CPAN 25 Apr 2003
Cris Bailiff announced that the perl binding to libcurl is now available from CPAN. Now at release 2.0, it changed name slightly to WWW::Curl.
curl and libcurl 7.10.4 2 Apr 2003
The just recently announced curl 7.10.4 is now available in source code packages. Read about all the changes and bugfixes, and have some patience with the binary packages that hopefully will appear soon.
7.10.4 pre-release 5 25 Mar 2003
The just uploaded 7.10.4-pre5 is hopefully the last pre-release this time. See also the changelog.
5 years anniversary! 20 Mar 2003
curl turned 5 - he's a big boy now.
Pre-release 2 24 Feb 2003
Download 7.10.4-pre2, and read about the recent changes.
Pre pre pre pre 1 3 Feb 2003
Recent changes on the curl CVS server 28 Jan 2003
We now have a page with the recent cvs changes table, showing you the most recent activity in the curl CVS repository.
Help out autobuilding curl on multiple platforms! 21 Jan 2003

I've spent some time on putting together a shell script that I would like people to run on various operating systems. The script testcurl does:

  1. updates curl source from CVS
  2. generates the build environment (using buildconf)
  3. runs configure (optionally using your custom arguments)
  4. builds curl (in a separate build-dir)
  5. runs the tests (make test)
  6. removes the build dir

The output from all this should be mailed to the automatic receiver I've setup for this purpose.

Personally, I'll setup and run this script on a Solaris 2.7 host and at least one Linux i386. I'll make sure that these run regularly.

So, if you have some CPU cycles to spare and some time to set things up, please get in touch and help us out.

The collected status of all distributed tests that are collected will of course be viewable on the curl web site, and I'm smoothing out the scripts for it right now.

The script is currently available here:

7.10.3 is out 14 Jan 2003
Download 7.10.3 the latest and greatest curl release, that contain all these changes.
7.10.3-pre5 is a release candidate 9 Jan 2003
7.10.3 pre-release 5 may be the last pre-release before the next public release.

Report your findings please!

curl is a Unix Power Tool 7 Jan 2003
The famous O'Reilly book Unix Power Tools is out in its 3rd edition (as of October 2002) and curl is mentioned. See section 40.8.
Look what Santa brought me! 20 Dec 2002
A brand new curl 7.10.3-pre3 release! Study which changes that have been done.
The year 2002 summarized from a curl angle 19 Dec 2002
... was posted to the mailing lists, read it archived here.
Using cURL and libcurl with PHP 6 Dec 2002
Jim Thome posted an article about php and curl over at
7.10.3-pre1 29 Nov 2002
7.10.3-pre1 is available now. No really major changes, but still...

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