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Curl Mailing Etiquette

Do Not Mail a Single Individual

Many people send one question to one person. One person gets many mails, and there is only one person who can give you a reply. The question may be something that other people are also wanting to ask. These other people have no way to read the reply, but to ask the one person the question. The one person consequently gets overloaded with mail.

If you really want to contact an individual and perhaps pay for his or her's services, by all means go ahead, but if it's just another curl question, take it to a suitable list instead.

Subscription Required

All curl mailing lists require that you are subscribed to allow a mail to go through to all the subscribers.

If you post without being subscribed (or from a different mail address than the one you are subscribed with), your mail will simply be silently discarded. You have to subscribe first, then post.

The reason for this strict subscription policy is of course to stop spam from pestering the lists.

Reply or New Mail

Please do not reply to an existing message as a short-cut to post a message to the lists. Many mail programs and web archivers use information within mails to keep them together as "threads", as collections of posts that discuss a certain subject. If you don't intend to reply on the same or similar subject, don't just hit reply on an existing mail and change subject, create a new mail.

Reply to the List

When replying to a message from the list, make sure that you do "group reply" or "reply to all", and not just reply to the author of the single mail you reply to.

We're actively discouraging replying back to the single person by setting the Reply-To: field in outgoing mails back to the mailing list address, making it harder for people to mail the author only by mistake.

Use a Sensible Subject

Please use a subject of the mail that makes sense and that is related to the contents of your mail. It makes it a lot easier to find your mail afterwards and it makes it easier to track mail threads and topics.

Do Not Top-Post

If you reply to a message, don't use top-posting. Top-posting is when you write the new text at the top of a mail and you insert the previous quoted mail conversation below.

This is why top posting is so bad:

 A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read
 Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
 A: Top-posting.
 Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?

Apart from the screwed up read order (especially when mixed together in a thread when some responds doing the mandaded bottom-posting style), it also makes it impossible to quote only parts of the original mail.

HTML is not for mails

Please switch off those HTML encoded messages. You can mail all those funny mails to your friends. We speak plain text mails here.


How do I quote correctly


We allow subscribers to subscribe to the "digest" version of the mailing lists. A digest is a collection of mails lumped together in one single mail.

Should you decide to reply to a mail sent out as a digest, there are two things you should consider:

  1. cut off all mails and chatter that is not related to the mail you want to reply to.
  2. change the subject name to something sensible and related to the subject, preferably even the actual subject of the single mail you wanted to reply to

Please Tell Us How You Solved The Problem!

Many people mail questions to the list, people spend some of their time and make an effort in providing good answers to these questions.

If you are the one who asks, please consider responding once more in case one of the hints was what solved your problems. The guys who write answers feel good to know that they provided a good answer and that you fixed the problem. Far too often, the person who asked the question is never heard of again, and we never get to know if he/she is gone because the problem was solved or perhaps because the problem was unsolvable!

Getting the solution posted also helps other users that experience the same problem(s). They get to see (possibly in the web archives) that the suggested fixes actually has helped at least one person.

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