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What Developers Say About libcurl

This is what some developers have said about libcurl.

  • I am using libcurl as the backend of my news notification program which provides popups of new news via rss feeds. I have to say libcurl has been the easiest thing to use that I've seen, and I will continue to use it in later versions of my applications. Kudos to the developers! - Don Neumann News notification
  • We have found libcurl to be an important cornerstone in many of our applications, which need to run on a variety of platforms. Its solid reliability, simple API, and excellent mailing list support made it an easy choice for us. - Jonathan Arnold inSORS
  • libcurl allows us to build next generation Internet applications without worrying about the Internet. libcurl elegantly and reliable handles all of our uploading and downloading so we can worry about creating great new software. - Matt Veenstra tribalmedia
  • The Blue Frog application uses a libcurl based HTTP client engine (with Zlib and OpenSSL), that is scriptable through Lua scripts using an internally developed glue library. Libcurl proved to be a solid solution with excellent support and a lively community of developers. The high level interface is feature rich, easy to use and well documented (!). During our debugging sessions we noticed that code is well written and is open for enhancements. Definitely a safe bet when it comes to HTTP client libraries. - Shmulik Regev
  • UnrealIRCd makes use of libcurl to allow chat network administrators to store their configurations in a central location and retrieve them securely using both HTTPS and FTPS protocols. Libcurl made the integration of this feature fast and easy by allowing minimal changes to the internal structure of our code. Libcurl has also been beneficial to us since it is under constant development and the developers are most certainly open to suggestions from us, as well as others. We look forward to seeing where libcurl will go in the future, and to finding new ways to make use of libcurl! - Dominick "codemastr" Meglio
  • Making use of libcurl its easily possible to integrate web services like ebay (please see ebay codebase) or google .. into your client programs for your desktop. It also fits fine within the platform independent programming Qt Toolkit made by Trolltech AS. - Roland Mundloch, near Munich Germany.
  • focuseek searchbox takes advantage of cURL to crawl HTTP, HTTPS and FTP sites both on intranets and on the internet. cURL is really solid and stable, provides a multithreaded api and is compatible with the many quirks of servers "as seen in the wild". Moreover it supports a lot of platforms, is really easy to use and, last but not least, its developers are competent and willing to help. - Michele Bini, Florence, Italy
  • Thanks a lot for a very useful library! (soooo much more stable and powerful than widely used alternatives, it's not even funny! Helped me tremendously in getting net transfers just right) - Andreas Mohr
  • libcurl has proven itself as a mature, robust library that presents a clear interface on top of an efficient and rock-solid implementation. Integrating libcurl with Sidewinder was a straightforward, painless task made even easier by the presence of an excellent and helpful online community. - Phil Booth, webBackplane

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