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Programs using curl for file transfers

A lot of programs and scripts use curl for fetching URLs. I've listed (some of) them here. If you let me know, I'll list your work as well!

Name Description Author
Picklish photo gallery application Geoff Gaudreault
Batchput Batchput transfers files from a local directory, matching the regex you specify, to an URL Johan Warlander
GoldSeeker GoldSeeker is a data extraction application. It was built to extract formatted data from HTML files, but can be used with all kind of files. Its behaviour is defined by a rule-based configuration file. Quentin Bouvart
DeskCam DeskCam lets you grab web cam pictures from sites all over the world, and put them on your desktop. Level 27 Technologies
IMP Render Farm A distributed movie rendering system.  
rpmdrake A graphical front end for installing packages MandrakeSoft
fink Popular package manager for Mac OS X  
mcurl A shell script to download files in multiple parts Sven Wegener
Advogato master to master graph A small python script who extracts the "master to master" graph from advogato and wrote a GML (graph modelling language) file so you can navigate the 3D graph with tulip or something... Carlo Perassi
Sauen PHP Surepay lib A collection of functions/classes all written in PHP for use with's SSL merchant gateway services. Jon T Stokkeland and Sauen.Com
tnord_login automatic login to Telenordia's broadband network Roberth Edberg
GetFreeDriveFolder download stuff from one of those "free drive space" providers (everything in german) Mettgut
OmniBiff The goal of OmniBiff is to create a universal "biff" program, able to monitor multiple mailboxes of any type (including internet email accounts). Jason Lowdermilk
Leech Leech was developed to relieve one from having to go through sites, constantly clicking "Save As...", "OK", etc. Instead, feed Leech a URL and tell it which filetypes to download, and it will crawl through any page that meets Leech's restrictions and dowload any file of the specified type. Kars
Smallest Client (Killer!) a tiny implementation of a client for The client sends your system's uptime, load, idletime, OS-type, and more to the server. Lars Wilhelmsen
FTPGrab This script is for windows. It grabs pub ftp sites from some of the web pages that steal them from fxp groups. perl script using the libcurl binding to get the latest Linux kernel Fredrik Ax
crawlink crawlink is a perl script that crawls an entire site and verifies that all links work Daniel Stenberg
Snoopy Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web browser. It can automate the task of retrieving web page content and posting forms, for example, and has many configurable parameters. forward standard GET proxy requests to a user@host ftp proxy Björn Stenberg
Curl::easy perl module for libcurl Georg Horn
gView gnome image displayer Bruce A. Smith
another comhem login automatic login to the Swedish cable provider 'comhem' (shell) Mats Johannesson
comhem login automatic login to the Swedish cable provider 'comhem' (updated 18-feb-2001) (perl) Kjell Ericson
MyQuote a program to retrieve real-time quotes and display them on your console (perl) Fetches slashdot headlines and sends them to your phone as SMS (perl) Maarten Schenk
XFce A lightweight desktop environment for various UNIX systems. Olivier Fourdan
lkpatch A Linux kernel patcher. It connects to the fastest mirror, checks for new versions of the Linux kernel, downloads them and patches your kernel source. Theo Nolte
electricsheep An Internet server and xscreensaver module that displays MPEG video of an animated fractal flame. In the background, it contributes render cycles to the next animation. Periodically, it uploads completed frames to the server, where they are compressed for distribution to all clients. Scott Draves Retrieves the headlines from freshmeat and posts them on your console screen with some nice parsing and ansi colors. (sh) twiztah
GotMail Get mail from a hotmail account (perl) Check all links of a web page (perl) Daniel Stenberg
formfind Find all details about forms in a HTML page. Pretty useful to extract the names etc for using curl to submit the info. (perl) Daniel Stenberg Download all files that are linked to from a HTML page and that matches the specified regular expression. (perl) Daniel Stenberg Download files recursively off an ftp site. You can specify an optional max depth. (perl) Daniel Stenberg Uses curl to mirror a web site (perl) Kjell Ericson
bushpdf.php3 Download a whole range of URLs (PHP3) Alain Samoun Wrapper around curl to ensure:
- auto-resume download until it completes
- auto save file into correct directory
Tan Thor Jen
Getleft Given a url, Getleft will try to download all links in the same site. As it goes, it modifies the original html pages, so that the absolute links get changed to relative links, and links to active pages get changed to the resulting pages. (Tcl) Andrés García
gtkMeat gtkMeat is a small program which will periodically fetch the latest new submissions from the Freshmeat website and display them to you in a list view. This program requires Gtk+ and Curl for proper operation on either Windows or *nix. Troy Engel
gtkSlash gtkSlash is a small program which will periodically fetch the latest news stories from the Slashdot website and display them to you in a list view. This program requires Gtk+ and Curl for proper operation on either Windows or *nix. Troy Engel

I know there are more programs, but if you don't tell me I can't add them here...

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