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A Collecton of Links to Articles About cURL

For the fun of it, we have this list with articles where people have written about curl on other sites. Enjoy!

Article Date Author Summary
CLI Magic: Use cURL to measure Web site statistics 16-Oct-2006 Michael Stutz A short overview of a few handy tricks that curl can do for you.
Do everything right from the command line 5-Sep-2006 Martin Streicher The third article in a series on how to use unix command lines, and it mentions curl in very favourable ways.
Talk to the Internet with cURL May-2006 Alan Seiden Use the i5's PASE environment to run cURL, the popular open-source communication utility.
Using cURL with PHP May-2005 Ian Gilfillan Introductory article on PHP/CURL programming
Simplify Network Programming with libCURL May-2005 Ethan McCallum Friendly and positive introductory article on libcurl programming
Das Internet in einer Shell July-2003 Hartwig Tauber German article describing the magics of curl
curl Simplifies Web Retrieval 23-jan-2002 Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz General and positive article about curl and libcurl
Downloading without a Browser 3-sep-2001 Adrian J Chung September 2001 issue of Linux Gazette. A few curl examples are included
network filtering 9-aug-2001 Sean Doherty Test of network filtering programs. Describes how they used curl to drive the tests
Working with cURL 1-jun-2001 Garth Gillespie Short article basicly saying that curl is useful for automatic HTTP tasks
Anacom 10-may-2001 Michael Reynolds Article explaining how to use curl within PHP with Anacom (a popular online credit card processor)

If you have written (or know of) other related articles, please tell us!

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