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Documentation - Stuff to Read

Using the Curl Tool

Hacking On Curl

  • Contribute explains about a few things to consider when you contribute with patches and source code to the curl project.
  • Copyright details what the licensing for curl actually defines and allows you to do with curl and libcurl.
  • Internals describes how things work internally in curl, for code hackers, bug fixers and generally interested parties.
  • TODO is the document in which we collect ideas of what to add in future releases. See also the KNOWN_BUGS list.
  • Changes is the complete and huge file from the distribution archives and contains all changes done to curl the last year or so.
  • Thanks to these people, curl exists as it is today!

Related Documentation

  • All libcurl related stuff is in its own section.
  • You'll find answers to many questions regarding SSL and OpenSSL in the OpenSSL FAQ.
  • C programming language international standardization working group JTC1/SC22/WG14
  • We also list specifications that concern curl.

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