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Curl Development Overview

There is always development going on in the curl project. To help out the development team, we provide these services:

  • Recent CVS Activity - What happened recently in the curl CVS repository?
  • Automatic Builds - Friendly people help us build curl automatically so that we can verify that it builds works even on platforms and with options single developers may not use or have.
  • Daily Snapshot - The latest CVS version of curl is automatically packaged and uploaded every day.
  • libcurl mailing list - Development talk and thoughts about how the future will become is discussed there. You can't be seriously interested in curl development without being subscribed to at least that one mailing list.
  • Bug tracker - submit problems to the bug tracker as it makes it easy for the development crew to keep track of all remaining problems. See also the KNOWN_BUGS document.
  • TODO - we try to maintain lists of what things you could help us with and features a future curl release might get.
  • CVS - check out the latest and greatest source directly from the curl source code repsitory

donate! Page updated April 20, 2009.
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