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How, Why, And Where to Report Bugs

Of course there are bugs in curl and libcurl. Some are known, but most of them remain unknown to us until you let us know. We depend on bug reports from the users to find the problems. We are not likely to be able to fix bugs if we don't get to know about their existance first. Bugs tend to get fixed within a short while after we've been notified (at least when we agree about it being a bug and not a feature)!

Known Bugs

Some bugs are known to already exist. We try to keep track of them on a separate KNOWN_BUGS document.

How To Report

If you have an idea for something to add to curl or something to change in curl that isn't actually a bug, post that on a suitable mailing list.

When reporting a bug, try to include information that will help us understand what's wrong, what's expected to happen and how to repeat it. You therefore need to supply:

  • your operating system's name and version number (uname -a under a unix is fine)
  • what version of curl you're using (curl -V is fine)
  • what URL you were working with
  • anything else you think might matter.

Learn more about what to include in a bug report and how to get a stack trace by reading the BUGS document.

The curl bug tracker is hosted by
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Bugs in libcurl bindings

There will of course pop up bugs in libcurl bindings. Try to report those bugs in the correct forum. Here's a collection of links and advice for you!


If you experience problems with the curl module in PHP, and they don't seem to happen with libcurl or curl in other situations, please file the report in the PHP bug tracker. Make sure it's marked as 'cURL related'.

Python -- PycURL

PycURL bug tracker

Rexx -- Rexxcurl

Rexxcurl bug tracker

Tcl -- Tclcurl

Send a very detailed description to Andres Garcia.

Cocoa -- Curlhandle

Curlhandle bug tracker

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